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Operating Agreements Provisions

All entities with one or more owners should have agreements between/among the owners which govern their relations with respect to the entity. For......


Independent Contractors: Please Get It In Writing

If a company’s employee creates intellectual property in the course of performing his or her duties, such as creating a software program or......


New York Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Deadline Is Fast Approaching

New York law now requires that all New York State employers must ensure that all their employees complete annual sexual harassment prevention......


Series LLCs under the Delaware Limited Liability Company Act: An inexpensive means of effectively creating and operating multiple LLCs through one entity.

Our clients often operate their businesses through limited liability companies, and if the clients own multiple businesses they may create multiple......


Raising Capital: Regulation D and the JOBS Act

Companies obtain needed capital either by borrowing funds from lenders or through the sale of securities, with such sales typically effected through......


Partnership Agreements for Corporations and Limited Liability Companies

The following discusses the value of having the owners of a partnership enter into an agreement which governs the partnership’s......


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